Who is Marikka?


Marikka has a history of being diagnosed with a serious mental illness and at her worst of times, qualified for disability due to her mental state. Through her journey of recovery she has redefined the meaning and significance of her mental health challenges and now uses her story to help others.  Marikka brings a new awareness to mental health recovery by encouraging others to step out of the limitations of their diagnosis.  

Marikka is certified as a Peer Support Specialist, a Life Coach, a Spiritual Emergence Coach® and also has a degree in Psychology. Marikka has used various healing methods for herself including psychiatry, psychotherapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, bodyworks, cranial sacral, meditation, intuitive guidance, Vedic astrology, nutritional support and energy healing. She has been working in the behavioral health field for over 11 years, providing support to thousands of people struggling with their mental health.

Marikka is passionate about various mental/spiritual healing methods and she continues to explore pioneering techniques and treatments for herself and to better be of service to others. 

Marikka's approach

  • Marikka offers a unique insight to the recovery journey as both a Peer Support and Spiritual Emergence Coach.  Marikka believes in an individualized,  integrative approach to overcoming mental health challenges and she empowers each individual to discover their best tools for treatment. Marikka also believes in partnering with professionals to provide integrative support.

  • Marikka considers spirituality to be an integral aspect of healing and very beneficial to the transformation process. Each individual is encouraged to explore a spiritual path and utilize their preference of spiritual practices to support their healing process. 

What is a Spiritual Emergence Coach?

 Marikka Malm talks about her work as a Spiritual Emergence Coach with Emma Bragdon, PhD 

What is it like to work with Marikka?

"Marikka is very genuine and always treats you as an equal.  She has the gift to help you build up your self-confidence turning your barriers into new possibilities. Thank you very much coach for honoring my individuality every session. You have helped me to take advantage of my spontaneity  and to express myself authentically.  I have crossed a wall!!! 

~Diana (SanDiego, CA)

"Marikka has an outstanding way of taking you on this, to me, very new and strange journey through healing. Marikka is professional with expertise in mental health, trauma and spirituality. 

I am so grateful for her being so well versed in this innovative practice. I am excited to use the skills and mind expanding ideas she has given me... I highly recommend Marikka Malm to be your spiritual emergence coach and I am very confident in her expertise!"

~Anna (Tucson, AZ)

"The best and clearest way to describe her approach is gentle and as organic as possible.  We were able to meet various places which provided a venue that allowed me to reminisce and see more into what I wanted. Ms. Malm coached me into using not only my own perspective but in a way that I could make a paradigm shift in my thinking. Her exercises and homework were easy to follow and allowed me to ask myself questions that I could process quietly."  

~Donald (Phoenix, AZ)

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