Marikka Malm

Spiritual Emergence Coach


Transcend the limitations of your diagnosis!

You are not a diagnosis or a label

 Accepting a diagnosis can help to find treatment for unwanted symptoms or behaviors, but you are not defined by this information. The experience of emotional discomfort and turmoil can lead to positive  transformation and enlightenment. You are a sensitive spiritual being finding strength and balance as you gain new awareness of who you are.  #nolabels

You can and will get better

 You have every right to peace and fulfillment in life no matter what the past circumstances have been.  The fear of past circumstances returning can block our healing potential.  When you have been so much in conflict with your own mind you may be afraid to trust yourself, but the past is gone and cannot hurt you now. As you learn to love yourself and stay anchored in the moment, your healing power becomes limitless.  #thepastdoesnotexist

The Truth of who you are is not “ill"

 “Mental illness“ is a term that attempts to categorize life circumstances and emotional turmoil based on labels and diagnoses. We look at this experience not as an illness, but actually as a process of self discovery. During this process you do not need judgement from others, but rather guidance, compassion and love. You are releasing an old identity and while you are healing you will emerge into a better version of you! #betterversionofyou

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